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My Moscow is very dynamic, more about business. I'm still discover it. It is huge. Parks here are like cities, which have everything from "entertainments with children to working in coworking." My Moscow is development, people, parks, streets and atmosphere, caring for people. I know gastronomic places, party streets, and I like to run here.

My St Pet is a very tasty city with beautiful views. I like to walk around the streets, drop by a snack, go to the cinema or go shopping (if the weather is rainy). I love parks - to walk or run. In the evening - drink wine and talk with friends or going in several bars - if there is a reason. I know spa complexes, interesting museums without a crowd of tourists, cheap cafes and fashionable restaurants.

city: moscow

city: saint-petersburg

occupation: entrepreneur

interests: restaurants and bars

interests: nature

interests: travel

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